We are Sauceware.
Helping a new generation of rap producers make an impact.

Who we are

We’re focused on helping the next wave of rap producers create music that turns their passion into a career. We work with the best producers in the world to build tools that spark instant creativity and allow you to make music in minutes.

Our story is your story, like you, we’re obsessed with producing. Like you, we want to perfect our craft on a daily basis. And just like you, we found ourselves being let down by the tools that we’re never meant for us.

Being a rap producer is hard enough, we’re trying to make it a little bit easier. So wherever you are on your journey, whether it’s making your very first beat or you’re an industry veteran with plaques covering your walls… know that we’ve got your back.

In 2019 our CEO, My Best Friend Jacob got frustrated dealing with CPU heavy plugins, sounds that were outdated and companies who didn’t care about the community. He started to tap into his network of world class producers and the feeling was the same.

Why did the #1 genre in the world that influences every aspect of popular culture, not have new technology, tools and information to help the producers behind it go even further?

That’s where Sauceware was born.

With a dollar and a dream we started curating the sound of today’s rap music with the world’s best sample makers, sound designers and producers.

we’re here to help you make timeless music that pushes a genre we all love to a new place

- My Best Friend Jacob, Sauceware CEO